La collina dell’Eden

Francesco Mercadante

80 x 80 cm Edition of 9

100 x 100 cm Edition of 9

120 x 120 cm Edition of 5


Tecnique: Aluminum mounted on dibond panel
Lenght: 120 cm
Height: 120 cm

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Francesco Mercadante

The "Passion" for photography has accompanied and accompanies my life, marking "passage of time".
I was born in 1968 in Calabria, in Cutro (KR).
I was about nine years old: a blue bicycle, "Rondinella", a gift from my father and a Kodak Instamatic were inseparable friends of my solitary escapes, in nature, above the country to capture "glances", imagine, dream ...
Reggio Emilia has welcomed me since 1988
in the following years, perhaps, my love for photography was "hidden" in painting, among the colors, which play with shadow and light.
and it is always Nature that, even today, I go to look for, or maybe it is she who calls me, among country tracks, in our plain: expanses of meadows, skies, trees, streams, old abandoned houses ...
for me they are Harmony, landscape architecture, “furnishings of the Earth”, fragments of Life and vine.
They have stories to tell and are much more than just "places": they evoke Atmospheres, in an Aura that breathes and, intimately, "breath".
simply like this, in small steps, with many projects and dreams "in the drawer", Libera-Mente open to the present, to the future, to Life: to the "Possible" ... catching Moments!

I have participated in several group and personal exhibitions
My photographs have been selected by Vogue Italia.
my photographic projects published in Italian and International magazines and magazines
My works acquired by museum institutions

Dimensions 120 × 120 cm

Aluminum mounted on dibond panel