Ilaria Lappano


Tecnique: Mixed Media On Wood
Lenght: 100 cm
Height: 100 cm

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Ilaria Lappano

Ilaria Lappano is an emerging contemporary artist born in Cosenza in 1987.
Daughter of art, from an early age she was guided by her father, a well-known Conservatory teacher, through classical music and other influential personalities who gravitated around that academic world.

After his studies at the European Institute of Design (IED Milan), at the age of 23 he embarked on a journey to America that marked the beginning of a new path. Through the experiences lived in that period, the knowledge he learned and the people he met, he developed his artistic sense governed by matter and by continuous experiments on the effects of light.

His artistic works represent the quality and painstaking precision of Italian craftsmanship which is combined with the tireless pursuit of a higher aesthetic and elegance of Interior Design.

His material works draw inspiration from light, celestial bodies and scenarios lived in childhood. ..

Today there is space in the artistic field by creating a symbiosis between Art & Design by combining aesthetics with experimentation in a gentle and purely feminine way.

Its mission: "Create to communicate"; using his works of art he establishes a connection with people by nourishing and nurturing an Imaginary that one day will be the future Reality ...

Dimensions 100 × 100 cm

Mixed Media On Wood