Tuareg (Sky poetry series)

Stefano Degli Esposti

Sky Poetry series is a study about the poetic beauty of sky. A skyscape at sunset or sunrise time is poetry for eyes, written by clouds and colored light. Blurred images enhance the abstraction to give the impression of a dream vision. The most of those pictures achieved the silver medal award at PX3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris in 2020 as series for the category Nature/Sky.


Tecnique: Print on plexiglass
Lenght: 75 cm
Height: 50 cm

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Stefano Degli Esposti

Stefano Degli Esposti is an Italian photographer born in 1958. He loves to lose himself in metropolitan areas for playing with modern architectural features, such to compose patterns from buildings details or clusters. He started from travel photography since very young and embraced many other categories stepwise, often aimed by the search of abstracts as a common thread of his artistic path. Imagination is the most important ingredient of his art, regardless the environment or the subject. His main exhibitions are based in Europe, maily in Milan (MIA Photo Fair and Photofestival). He achieved many awards from international competitions: PX3 Paris, IPA, Colors Awards, LisghtSpace Time. Many works were published by magazines: Panorama (online edition), Gente di Fotografia (paper edition). Stefano is also an editor of photographic tales for ArteVitae, an Italian blog about arts.

Dimensions 75 × 50 cm

Print on plexiglass