Rosa in smocking

Giuseppe Cesarini


Tecnique: Marmo giallo antico
Lenght: 7 cm
Height: 24 cm

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Giuseppe Cesarini

Born in Rome in the 1960s. Of humble origins, he immediately juggles many and different trades practiced for a living. The difficulties faced have fueled a genuineness of feeling which, ever deeper and more intense, has found expression in art. His marble sculptures that are made up of fragments of the past that have always fascinated him, lead him to grasp the voice of every stone, of every splinter, forging them with a visionary gaze into ever-current messages. Marbles of undoubted rarity and beauty, are brought back to a new modernity, while maintaining their naturalness intact. The veins, the color inlays, the combination of polished and worked surfaces and rough ones speak for themselves. The authenticity of the language and the message that the author wants to communicate overcomes the lack of a technique and enhances the simplicity of the works that maintain the modernity of current art and design objects.

Dimensions 7 × 24 cm

Marmo giallo antico