Laura Marcolini


Tecnique: Hanging head in painted bronze
Lenght: 28 cm
Height: 27 cm

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Laura Marcolini

She was born in Arco di Trento (IT) in 1968. Graduated in graphic design and visual communication, she has been the owner and art of the Diadestudio ADV agency since 1994. She is a graphic design teacher at the Libera
LABA Fine Arts Academy in 2015. In recent years he has explored the three-dimensional dimension of doing
art, combining graphic design with a progressive interest in sculpture. In this field he mainly dedicates himself to the investigation of the human body and its inevitable transformations, in balance between
contradictions and lightness of an ever-changing existence. Lives and works in Arco

Dimensions 28 × 27 cm

Hanging head in painted bronze