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Agostino Cumbo
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Agostino Cumbo entrusts his gaze on the world, its essence, its time to the pictorial language, according to the instances of a maieutic speculation that seeks nature and its evolution.

He was trained in Sannio, a place of thought and legends, of silence and spirit, where the mountains are transformed into human figures, and he developed a personal language which is aimed at continuous experimentation entrusted not only to form but also to matter , to color and to the development of a multiple oneiric sublimation of aesthetic thought.

And here comes the nature that regenerates itself, the color of a snake venom, the finding of its balance, the return of Unity. Woman, earthly way to go back to the origin, attraction, seduction, in a game that awakens and recreates the evergreen forces and energies of nature.

The observation of beauty by contemplating the colour, the awakening of pure feelings, to the point of dragging the denser parts of the being into the underworld, letting oneself be led towards the more subtle ones, the meeting through subtle and light energies which make one fly up to the heavens.