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Anna Concetta Porcino (AncopoArt)
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My works are exhibited on the web on the “pitturiamo” website platform, on Top Contemporary Art. I started by exhibiting some of my works in Reggio Calabria, in 2019, and I am honored to have been selected to exhibit in prestigious exhibitions : at the Venice Biennale, directed by Giorgio Gregorio Grasso, in La Spezia, where I was awarded the “Cultura Identità” prize for creativity, talent and research for the protection of artistic heritage.

I was selected to exhibit in New York, and I participated in the Exhibition in the province of Rome and Tievoli, curated by Alessandra Alfieri. I was selected by “Pitturiamo” as ‘Avant-garde artist’, under the supervision of Vittorio Sgarbi. I was included in six Art New Catalogs and Identity Culture Award.

I exhibited in Venice, at the Venice Art Gallery, curated by Giorgio Gregorio Grasso and I was selected by “Pitturiamo” for the Raffaello Sanzio Prize, on the occasion of the Norman Biennale, organized by Vittorio Sgarbi, Sandro Serradifalco and other illustrious professionals of the Contemporary art.

Also in 2020 I exhibited in Milan, with Doctor Cordaro, in Sacile, in “Memory and rebirth”, curated by Elda Piai, and with Artexpo at the ‘Premio Paris’. In 2021, with Art Now, I participated in the “Artist of the Year” Competition, and I was one of the Artists in the Exhibition of 333 Artists and in the Editorial Volume created to commemorate Dante Alighieri, from Rocca Brivio in San Giuliano Milanese, Venice, Genoa, Rome, edited by Giorgio Gregorio Grasso.

The same work dedicated to Dante was selected by Art Now to participate in the Dante Alighieri Prize in Casale Monferrato in Florence. With the Via dell’Arte Association, I participated in several international exhibitions curated by Roberto Guccione, held at Villa Policreti in Aviano, and in Comiso in Palazzo Labisi, receiving a prestigious appreciation from the Order of the Knights of Peace signed by Riccardo Miceli Italian ambassador to Liberia.

In the summer of 2021, I participated in the Biennale Ville Venete, organized by Massimo Tegon, in the institutional exhibition sponsored by the Province of Syracuse, “Divina Bellezza by International Art Prize Giotto”, receiving the First Prize.