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Antonella Iris De Pascale
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Iris was born in Florence from a cultural background imbued with niche music and art, where art itself had always been considered as an expression of an all-round education.

She took to painting at a very early age, when she began to experiment with informal and surreal forms of art. In 2015 she reached full artistic maturity, which went hand in hand with her personal growth. She is currently creating a form of art which strikes a balance between real and surreal, between reality and dreamlike trips, with a view to establishing a close connection with the observer, in order to lead him where she wants to.

My philosophy of art

I insist on looking at places, people, things, I feel and express through painting those invisible details which are made visible to the observer. I am not only a painter or a photographer but also an art-therapist, who finds visual arts as a perfectly suitable means of expression to catch a fleeting glimpse of life which brings back hazy memories of the past.

I try to convey the message to the observer through a wide variety of modes of expression.

I tell actual stories that are enacted to provide not only insights into our interior world but which also aim to represent slices of life, whose observation is expected to make us better people.

Flying women are one of my recurring features; they are always present as they personify my invisible self, my soul soaring to an indistinct place and time.

My style of painting is based on in-depth research that I conduct using many different techniques. My pictorial technique, the characters, the decorations, the symbols, all contribute to a unique effect: an aesthetically harmonious composition that seems to continue even when the eye moves away. Therefore, the painting remains in the observer’s mind and keeps on speaking and whispering to him, so that he can search for details that had escaped him. The works are lively, intense, colourful, attract the eye towards the centre and continue to the extreme edge of the frame, in an attempt to capture the boundlessness of the soul. I compose a symphony that is well-organized and instinctive at the same time, through refined symbols which develop a central theme around which other motives revolve.