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Donata Imperio
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The artist Donata Imperio was born in Terranova di Pollino in September 1965. She spent her childhood immersed in the wonderful landscapes of Pollino, with peasant life, and experienced the simplicity of the people of Terranova, the love for her land, the door to often depict scenes of everyday life, in fact, being a simple person herself, she appreciates the little things that life offers us, which have a primordial importance for her. In her mind he immortalizes images, as if to fix them and enclose them in the drawer of her heart. The stories of her parents, uncles and grandparents became images that she would try to depict on canvas.
At ten years old her life took a very drastic turn, when she moved to Scanzano Jonico, a beautiful town on the Ionian coast (Basilicata). The placement was hard, finding yourself in a different context, meeting new people, changing schools… in middle school she was much appreciated by an art teacher, who advised her to continue her studies in the artistic field. It was not possible for family reasons.
At the age of 18, she was passionate about art and began to paint, to put on canvas what she felt inside herself.
An artist from humble origins, she attended a correspondence course in DRAWING-PAINTING AND ADVERTISING during these years. And in 1984 she began to participate in cultural events, both in Basilicata, especially in her adopted city, Scanzano Jonico. She also took part in a painting exhibition in Rome in 1984.
For many years she dedicated herself to painting on fabric, to decoupage, also to have some source of income.
For many years she has put down the brush, personal and family reasons.
In 2010, attracted by a photo by Guy Jamotte, a French photographer in love with Basilicata, she started painting again, putting her emotions on canvas.
She dedicates her work to her mother ‘THE HARVEST’ oil on canvas, year 2010, and she will not stop from here. In 2010 she began to participate in various painting exhibitions around Italy.

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