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Federica Castoldi
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I’m a self taught digital artist. I create Digital Collages in which I present a contrast between black and white vintage photographs and ultra-modern elements, with pop tones. The aim is to communicate the artistic message I intend to convey by capturing the observer’s attention through that sense of “disturbance” or “curiosity” that arises from the coexistence of apparently very distant images, both in terms of color and time (black and white vs high saturation color; vintage photographs vs modern or contemporary images). I don’t like to insert too much collage in my works: my opinion is that a message can be defined as effective only if it speaks about itself through a few clear elements. Understanding, on the other hand, passes, as for the aforementioned chromatic contrast, through two or more levels of awareness: the meaning of my works is always hidden under a veil of subtle irony, beyond which a shrewd observer must go forward, to fully grasp its meaning. The “physical” production of digital collages takes place through the use of rigid and semi-rigid synthetic panels, in order to give a visual and structural impact of greater effect.