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I colori anima 130x120 2021
Federica Gabrielli
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Her school education is purely scientific: he graduated in agriculture in 2008. After graduating he began to dedicate himself to what is his greatest passion: painting, an outlet for his emotions and his deepest feelings.

Self-taught, she has never followed any painting course; only constant practice allows her to perfect her style. She mainly dedicates herself to the depiction of the woman who for her represents the symbol of beauty, exalting her sensuality, romanticism, her witty and nonchalant nature, but also her shyness and her modesty… her way of placing herself in front of Life.

The artist reveals a detailed attention to detail, to the embroidery and ornaments of this woman, as if to bring alive that figure that sometimes seems to come out of the canvas, and reveal itself to us almost as if we could touch it.

Colors and brushes represent a sort of magic wand with which the artist manages to create, from a simple white canvas, a world of perfection, of absolute beauty, of hidden feelings.

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