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Francesca Natali
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Francesca Natali was born on January 7, 1981 in Bergamo. After graduating in Marketing and Communication, she began her career in this sector by coming into contact with various photographers in the companies she worked for. This is where the fascination of
photography begins to operate.

More and more captured by the stories that photography is able to tell, she decides to start a course of study on the subject, attending a master’s degree in Photography and Visual Communication at IED (the European Institute of Design) in Milan.

Thanks to the continuous deepening and intellectual encounter with important photographers who have made the history of photography, she feels deeply inspired and begins to shoot to create her first photographic projects.

From the very beginning she understands that she is strongly interested in the subjects she portrays, in life, in humanity, in their sufferings and joys that are hidden in the human soul: all this, at the right time, it comes out through gestures, looks and quick moments of intimacy.

She loves black and white but also bright colors portraits.

Through photographic portraiture he manages to connect with people of different cultures, inspiring those who look at these works to embrace the uniqueness and beauty of humanity. Each meeting takes place with the utmost regard and understanding of the social dynamics of that moment.

She uses exclusively ambient light, thanks to which it is possible to enter a special atmosphere where emotions emerge naturally from the human heart.

Thanks to the portrait technique, she manages to connect in an intimate way with her subjects, overcoming every linguistic and cultural barrier.

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