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wind enclosed thoughts- acrilico su tela cm 100x70 2011
Giovanna Mavilia

Giovanna Mavilia born in Messina in 1982, always passionate about drawing and painting, graduated in 2001 in Art of Fashion and Costume in her hometown. He continued his training by enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria, graduating in 2007 in visual arts in the painting section and in 2009 he qualified to teach pictorial disciplines at the Academy of Fine Arts of Reggio Calabria. Since then he has taught and painted, participating in national and international exhibitions and artistic events.

He currently lives and works in Turin.

His intense painting contains the harshness and sweetness of a predominantly feminine world, in which shoes, elements of the natural landscape, etc. they become objects/pretext elements, to tell stories, paths, labyrinths, giving us the most sincere “portrait” of the people who wore those shoes or inhabited those places.

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