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Giovanni Curto
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Giovanni Curto was born in Catanzaro in February 1955 and began painting at a very young age. Of a restless, independent and at the same time passionate and rebellious nature, he immediately clashes with a reality full of rules.

His temperament and his pictorial thinking, which did not allow themselves to be influenced by compromises, led him to interrupt his academic studies. He continued to follow the tortuous and fascinating paths of frantic artistic research, isolating himself from the pictorial movements of the time and therefore in full intellectual autonomy.

In the early 1980s he decided to give himself to the general public with a series of events and demonstrations. A turning point in the master’s pictorial life will be the meeting with a philosopher, both involved in a thought based on the geological study of nature, anthropology, theology, esoteric energy consequently developed by the artist in a humanized and fantastic reality, telluric and ethereal seen through the colors and transparencies of stones, crystals, geodes, implosions, gems.

The mineral is the essential component of the master’s intellectual-pictorial effort, destined for the development of a new aesthetic. Giovanni Curto was and is one of the most singular and fascinating figures of mineral painting, he is the most precious witness of this pictorial movement founded in Calabria in the late 1960s.

Philosophical movement that the artist technically, with its veils, proposes a new concept of life. Past, present and future come together in complete harmony. The master’s paintings are authentic masterpieces of rare beauty, he is a fascinating explorer of a metaphysical light that preludes the artist’s strong spirituality.

More simply he can be defined as a “painter of the soul”.

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