Isabelle Lemaitre
Isabelle Lemaitre
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Isabelle Lemaitre, born March 16, 1964 in Charleroi, in
Belgium. His is an art that has no need for intellectual shortcuts for
professing his truths. An Art that known Surrealism, re-proposes it in a manner of the
all personal. This leads to a new figuration. A “suspended” figuration.
Characterized by the aristocracy of form and chromatic elegance.
Isabelle Lemaitre explores new universes. It breaks the darkness and reaches new truths. “His” rhino, Rinho,
wanders in fantastic realities. Ideally it could be one of the characters of the Wizard of Oz
by Frank Baum, in search of ethereal values. Lemaitre unlike Dalì, Breton or Mirò, is
more tied to the dimension that places it at the center of his analysis, dream and madness. Her
investigation focuses on the tacit aspects that are waiting to be brought to a new light. The
Isabelle’s works must not be subjected to what Umberto Eco has called decoding
aberrant. Through careful analysis, these must be analyzed in such a way as to
do not alter its meaning. The bystander remains seduced. His is a new visual alphabet,
that through a “learned” sign calligraphy is destined to remain in the collective memory.
For years now, the artist has entered the most important international stages, obtaining a
great success. An art that investigates the world and proposes it in a surreal key
conceptual, in the eyes of the beholder.