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Ivo Compagnoni
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Ivo Compagnoni, painter born in Bedizzole in the sixties and present in the world of painting at an early age
age of 13.
The first paintings were drawn using oil techniques with the landscape as a recurring theme
countryside, place of his childhood, and then gradually moving on to increasingly complex techniques arriving
to the use of acrylic paint with which he creates works of notable expressive power.
The technique used is very original, a sort of decomposition of the images in which each part of the
figures are divided in an almost geometric way and meticulously outlined. Every part of the image
it has a homogeneous chromatic connotation that changes, fading, in the neighboring parts.

The subjects also acquire greater depth and the topics of the painting change further: come on
landscapes rich in nature and rural buildings, but devoid of visual presences, we always move on to a greater one
connotation of the human figure (women, children, farmers intent on their work) and of animals or objects
of daily life.
Appear, perhaps stimulated by this technique, the still lifes, the vases of flowers, the meticulous compositions of
vases, bottles, bouquets of flowers, the creation of which increasingly recalls the effect of mosaic
The Master’s latest canvases signal a new field of this research: the technique he adopted is similar
to that of the fresco: he spreads a mixture on the support and then paints, obtaining, in the end, an effect
declared: a modern creation performed with techniques that recall the ancient.

Over time the long-awaited glory and fame arrived: strong reports at provincial and regional level,
various prizes also obtained in the impromptu painting sessions where Ivo Compagnoni exalts his art,
numerous articles and interviews in trade journals and newspapers, present in various art galleries,
including Rome and Milan and numerous requests for exhibitions throughout Italy and beyond.

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