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Lauretta Barcaroli

“I understood that I will not have peace….
I run after a world in constant evolution, always looking for the variant, the best … more! “(L.B.)

Lauretta Barcaroli lives in Terni where she was born in 1955.
For twenty years she divides her family between work and painting, then she decides to continue working but only for six months a year, dedicating the other six completely to painting.
In the first pictorial season she expresses herself with a personal and intimate figurativism. By depicting details of faces, crowds or everyday objects, the color and the cuts of light give the works a purely evocative meaning. Around 2000 there was an urgent need to make the great leap beyond the figurative. Matter becomes the founding element of his painting. Her research pushes her to deep experimentation on different materials, fully embracing the informal Italian tradition that lays its foundations in Umbria. Her fervent commitment and the numerous personal exhibitions that divide her between France and Italy, earned her the title of Master in 2007 on the occasion of the VI Review “Terra di Maestri” (Villa Fidelia – Spello) which concludes the exhibition and study of Umbrian art of the twentieth century.
In 2018 she received the first prize for the Pictorial Arts as part of the San Valentino – Terni Review
Present in the catalog of Modern Art of the Giorgio Mondadori Editorial – n. 54 – year 2018 – Italian artists from the early twentieth century to today.
With the “Derive” series, while covering a terrain that has already been widely explored, he manages to give life to compositions of considerable stylistic and emotional impact. Rusty irons and woods eroded by time, glues and plasters become the protagonists of her works.
The subsequent passage to “Work in progress” and to the more recent series “Every possible world” does not want to be an abandonment of the “Derive” but a natural evolution of the material in signs and spellings that yearn to represent universal and timeless values.
Her works are present in Mougins (France) at the Municipal Museum, in Terni at the Forzani gallery and the Arte & Decò atelier, in Fossombrone at the Casa degli Artisti in Sant’Anna del Furlo (“The black box”), in Noto at Studio Barnum Contemporary.

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