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Nico Van Lucas

Luca Ghilardi is an Informal Artist born in Milan known by the artistic pseudonym of
Nico Van Lucas.
The love for Informal Art, the interest in capturing and reproducing light, the passion for
the explosiveness of the colors led him to increasingly create this type of painting on large canvases.
Large works express a sense of monumentality which, through a painting
gestural and with a strong expressive charge, testify to the power of creativity as an instinct of
liberation of ideas and desire for total freedom.
Nico Van Lucas’ Art is full of strength and without hesitation, the result of a technique
carefully researched acquired over years of creative experimentation.
In his works the attention is not placed directly on the subject, but rather on the gesture.
Thus the painting becomes the medium, while the arm, which lashes the color on the canvas, becomes a
connection with the boundless spaces of the imagination.
“I paint colors!”
This sentence would be enough to understand the concept underlying his artistic thought.
Color is the true protagonist, as the artist delves deeply into it to bring out its qualities
transparent and bright.
Nico Van Lucas has participated in several impromptu competitions and both personal and collective exhibitions,
enjoying success from contemporary critics.
After a period of reflection, he decided to make his works known by attending various events
including: the 4th Edition of the Genoa Biennale, the exhibition at the International Art Exhibition
Contemporary of Villa Fidelia in Spello; he took part in a charity auction for Christie’s a
Rome, continuing with the inauguration of his personal exhibition in the Rocca Paolina,
historical heritage, located in the heart of Perugia.
After the great success achieved, the artist concludes the end of 2021 with the opening of his first
Personal Exhibition in the Museums of San Salvatore in Lauro in Rome, to give the opportunity to a
wider audience to make his art known.
In January 2022 he will be the protagonist of the Venice Art Exhibition, now in its second edition, in
program in Venice from 2 April to 12 June at Arterminal, a museum exhibition space in
heart of Venice.
In November 2022 he will be the protagonist of his personal exhibition in Arona entitled “Il Volo”.
Luca’s works will be visible from November 5th until December 12th.
Luca’s works are part of numerous private collections throughout Europe


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