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Olga Grasso

Olga was born in Catania and currently lives in Palermo. Passion
for art she manifested herself very early, demonstrating since
she is very young, she has a strong attraction towards artistic expressions,
she created highly inspiring drawings and paintings and even now,
for the artist, painting represents the dimension into which to escape.

Olga lived most of her youth in the city of
Syracuse, surrounded by antiquities and works of great value
architectural, inspired by Mediterranean landscapes and penetrating
colors. Sky, earth, sea, are places present in her paintings, and the
nature with its primordial elements emerges through a light
Viva. Rock, fire, water, wind come out as characters
in motion, color is the protagonist of scenarios that
they convey instinctive and passionate emotions.

Her works range from the representation of scenographic environments
often particularly loved by the artist and full of power
expressive, to that of simple subjects, fascinating creatures
immersed in changing backgrounds.
Her inspiration guides his brushstrokes and the emotions that arise
out in the form of colors and images reveal stories. Behind every
shape in fact there is a meaning, every color is a state of mind, the
scenes always tell a story and those who admire can find themselves
in the subjects and scenes portrayed.

If you are curious to know these stories and the thread of these tales, follow her works.


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