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Piero Sani

Piero Sani was born in Spicchio di Vinci (Florence) in 1947. Attracted by Renaissance artists since elementary school, he visited exhibitions and museums observing and trying to understand the mechanisms of painting.

A student of Professor Antonio Trifoglio, he has a particular attraction for metaphysics and surrealism. He attended the Drawing School organized by the Municipality of Certaldo. He exhibited his first works in 1973 in a solo exhibition at the Municipal Library of Certaldo, obtaining an unexpected consensus from the public and critics.

The exhibition is visited by the painters Alfredo Beghé and Giuliano Pini who encourage him to continue his pictorial journey. This was the mechanism that made Sani embark on a long artistic career dotted with numerous successes in Italy and abroad. In particular, in the nineties we remember the solo exhibition at the Galleria Vittoria in Rome (1990) and, in 1991, “Tuscany artists” at the Realist Art Society and Gallery in San Francisco and “The island, the woman and the orchid” at the Galerie Les Orchidées of Le Port on the Island of La Réunion.

His works appear in numerous public and private collections, including the Art Gallery of the Municipality of Castellaneta, the Art Gallery of the Municipality of Santhià, the Bargellini Museum – Museum of Art of the Italian Generations of the 20th century in Pieve di Cento, the Museum of ‘Italian Art in Costa Rica, the Art Gallery of the Municipality of Altomonte, the Historical Archive of the Venice Biennale, the Historical Archive of the “Palazzo Bandera” Museum in Busto Arsizio and the Amedeo Modigliani Art Gallery of Follonica.

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