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Serena Osetto

I was born and live in a town in the province of Padua where I obtained a three-year diploma at the “Isa Corradini” Art Institute in Este (PD).

Circumstances did not allow me to continue my studies in this sector but I have always carried art within me and I love every facet of it, so for about 7 years I have resumed my passion for art, dabbling in creations and working with different materials, mainly ceramic sculptures and self-taught paintings on canvas.

When I paint I immerse myself in the interweaving of colors to give life to emotions and this is precisely what I want to convey in my works. A painting must not only arouse beauty but feelings to awaken something beautiful in each of us. They have defined me as a multifaceted person and I must say that this term defines me a lot.

I spend my days with my husband in our house in the countryside and our two wonderful dogs, this environment allows me to give vent to my art and ideas, I love life and bring in the sun but I also like being in my own company to do what I like in tranquility and solitude. I am a very profound person, this can be seen from my works, they must be something I feel inside otherwise I am not satisfied with them.

I also want to make my art my job and be part of this world of colors and brushes.

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