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Stefania Catenacci

Stefania Catenacci, on art “Cate”, was born in Rome in 1971 and in 2012 she began her career as self-taught.
The growth of her painting subsequently took place in Via Margutta under the guidance of the artist Claudio Spada.
She participates in numerous group exhibitions and has personal exhibitions in the capital and elsewhere.
In 2016 she won the “Europe and Culture” award in Rome with the artwork “In the undergrounds of Spoleto” dedicated to the infrastructural innovations of the city of Spoleto.
Her art is figurative and her art focuses on the female world.
Her canvases are perceived as noteworthy for the immediate expressiveness and originality of the oil compositions that come from the culture acquired in the photographic field.
Her painting is a whirlwind of female figures who wants to give free rein to their individuality, and who are portrayed with that absolute dedication to grasping the various shades of a woman, typical of those who have the necessary sensitivity to find them.
Starting from a totally realistic representation, as every artist she has felt the need to change her artistic form, making it more free from time to time. And here her canvases gradually acquire a figure “breaking the lines” and leaving room for brushstrokes of color and instinctive frieze. Up to, in her latest works, an intertwining of realism and almost abstract contamination.
Since 2016 the artist, in addition to his private and commissioned production, has collaborated with the Vittoria Gallery in Via Margutta.
Since 2021 she has been teaching private painting lessons for adults and children.