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Stefano Di Loreto

San Genna’, ‘na tazzulell’ ‘e cafe’? omaggio a Massimo Troisi

Acrylic & resin on canvas



Notturno a Capri, nel fondo del mare il cielo

Acrylic on canvas



Toxic Air 05 on-off

Scultura autoportante, installazione luminosa



About the artist

Stefano Di Loreto

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Stefano Di Loreto is an award-winning Italian painter and sculptor based in Francavilla al Mare and Rome. His works have been showcased in major national and international art event. Some events: Artists for the Jubilee – Vatican City 2015; Integrarte – Roma Sapienza Foundation 2016; Italian Style – Palazzo Versace Dubai 2016; Miami River Art Fair 2016; Viva Arte Viva – The Venice Biennale 2017; ArtExpo New York 2018; Blackout – Museum CVBK Amsterdam 2018; Imaginifico – Festival dannunziano Pescara 2022 (in this edition, in addition to the artworks of Di Loreto, artworks of De Chirico and Boccioni were exhibited).

Di Loreto is an acclaimed artist who employs his creativity as a tool to raise awareness on crucial issues such as the climate emergency, pollution, and globalization. Simultaneously, he prompts deep introspection on the essence of time, consciousness, and ethics in contemporary humamity.

His artistic signature, labeled “Conceptual Deconstruction”, is characterized by “lashes” of color that break and dismantle symbolic objects, emphasizing the intent to deconstruct concepts and evoke critical thinking and profound reflections. Through this unique technique, the clock, symbolizing mechanical time and stress, transforms into a mass of non-functioning gears, giving back the time of the soul and nature. Metaphorically, his works destroy toxic nanoparticles in the air, revealing the extent to which humanity has polluted the planet.

Di Loreto declares: “My art is a mirror of contemporary man: the deeper one looks, the more consciousness is stirred. This is where beauty comes from.”