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Teresa Mazza
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Teresa Mazza is an Italian artist, multifaceted and eclectic: photographer, graphic artist and creator of fashion accessories. She was born in Dortmund and lives in Messina. After completing his studies in Photography and Computer Graphics, he further deepened his practice of fine art of analogue photography with a full immersion in the study of black and white portraits. Subsequently he participates in numerous exhibitions and teaches workshops on European projects for students. The many and different artistic experiences and the passion for classical studies and mythology were fundamental to his education. In 2008 the H2O project marks the turning point for his new artistic research on the language of digital art. Light, color, shapes, structure, moment… become the main elements of his subsequent works. Recent criticism claims that the innovative aspect of his artistic research consists in breaking down the residues of diversity between graphics, photography and painting. In his works: lattices, fractals, landscape and architectural offal are assembled in geometries so classic as to reassure the most skeptics and strike at the heart of the obvious.


Main Exhibitions

1998 Mostra collettiva “Terremotarte – Il Viaggio e l’Utopia”- Teatro Vittorio Emanuele – Messina.
1999 Mostra Personale “Luci ed Ombre”. Lipari, Messina.
2000 Mostra collettiva “Scartalarte” – Centro Fieristico Le Ciminiere – Catania.
2009 Mostra collettiva “Lo Stretto Indispensabile” – Teatro Cilea, Reggio Calabria.
2019 Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte “Grand Prix d’Europe Exellence – Galerie Maison Sensi, Bruxelles.
Moon Art Fair 2021 – The Westin Hamburg Elbphilharmonie.
2022 Fiera Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea – Chapiteau De Fontvieille, Monaco
2022 Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Digitale – Galleria d’arte Van Gogh – Madrid
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