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Valentina Porcelli

Valentina Porcelli is an Italian painter, born in 1987, who identifies herself with the movement of “women who paint women”. She graduated with top honors in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Foggia.
In 2016, she participated in the Salerno Youth Biennial and was awarded first place in painting, which resulted in her first publication in the prestigious national art magazine “Frattura Scomposta Contemporary”. She also has experience in other exhibitions and collaborations. Her works have been shown in different locations, such as “A corretta distanza” in Milan, Syart Festival in Sorrento, and “In-corporeo” for OnArt Gallery in Florence. She also took part in global exhibitions in Paris, Austria, and Miami. Valentina Porcelli has agents in various Italian art galleries.
Porcelli’s visual style blends realism and illustration, with metaphysical hints attained through monochromatic backgrounds. Since late 2019, her paintings have evolved by incorporating gold elements and introducing birds and plants into the composition. The artist lives and works in Parma currently.

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