Smart Coast

"The best way to invest in art"

SmartCoastGallery is designed to be a meeting place for collectors and artists, for the passion of beauty lovers and the soul of those who wish to express beauty. What is the best frame in which to present this virtual “painting”?

It is the colors of the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts and the magic of Capri and Positano; the mysticism, the mystery, the flavors and folklore of Naples and the history of Pompei in the shadow of “Vesuvius Nostrum”. And all this blended with the colors and the ideas of the artists who wish to communicate their own view of art through the use of a brush or a chisel.

The idea of SmartCoastGallery was born in this “virtual painting”.  A dive…rigorously in apnea…into tradition, into contemporary or futuristic art.  SmartCoastGallery represents a gallery within easy reach of the best artists in the world from anywhere in the world and any kind of art movement . An immersion of various moods in the best possible collection of the needs of those who wish to “express” and those who wish  to “listen”.