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Gianluca De Leo
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Born in Naples in 1974, Gianluca De Leo grew up in Portici, right in the shadow of that Vesuvius that will have so much influence on his painting. There he graduated from the city high school and subsequently graduated in Economics from the Federico II University of Naples. In the early 2000s he moved to Rome where he still lives and works. Cinephile, omnivorous traveler and blogger, he approaches modern and contemporary art first as a simple enthusiast, then as a collector and finally as a painter. Completely self-taught, in his paintings he condenses his pictorial (geometric abstraction) and personal (Naples and Vesuvius) passions. In 2019 he gives life, in parallel, to the cycle of Vesuvian Geometries in which Neapolitan landscape views are rendered on canvas through a figuration that becomes abstract thanks to the use of a few essential geometric shapes. It was in this year that fruitful collaboration relationships began with Studio Divulgarti in Genoa, the Galleria Italia in Parma and the Galleria Area Contesa Arte in Rome. Realizes his first solo exhibition Geometrie Vesuviane at Area Contesa Arte in Rome, and begins a collaborative relationship with the art historian Elisabetta La Rosa who dedicates an article to him on the ArtBreath website, reviews many of his works as part of a series of online group exhibitions and that, finally, he curates his second online solo show Cromoesplosioni in November 2021. Also in this year he permanently exhibits his works at Area Contesa Arte and is present in two important publications: the Yearbook Artists 2021 published by ArtNow and the 35 × 35 Italy Art Project catalog by the prestigious Copelouzous Family Art Museum in Athens.