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Luca Lova

Highest love (Marbled candy apple green)

Resin sculpture, with airbrush painting




Resin sculpture, with airbrush painting




Resin sculpture, with airbrush painting



Evolution denied

Resin sculpture, with airbrush painting



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Luca Lova

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Luca Lova was born in 1976 in Pavia, Italy.

He approaches to the arts at the age of sixteen, when he learns music and starts the study of electric bass guitar, an activity that will accompany him along  his personal journey. In 1998 he played in his first independent EP and in 1999 he joined the band Zona recording the album Splattyparty, produced by Negatron and OMAR GRU Sound Division with SELF international distribution. Until 2003 he will be engaged on tour and live shows in Italy and Europe.

During the years of music, in 1999, he started University with major in Biological Sciences, graduating in October 2001. Immediately after graduation he worked as a researcher in the HIV field, publishing 3 scientific articles and spending a period in Washington DC. After this experience in 2010 he came back to play with a new band, SAN, recording a new album in 2014, DIVA, produced by ORCHESTRA and distributed by ANDROMEDA. During the same period he was enrolled in a PhD course in Neuroscience, graduating in 2016. During his the entire life he always  felt an immoderate passion for journey, an element that will allow him to create his own defined stylistic figure.

Over the years, he has been passionate not only about music but also about cinema, literature and travel, all elements that will be fundamental in his artistic production.