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Stalattiti - 2022 - acrilici a spatola stratigrafica su plexiglass 50 x 50
Mario Salvo
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Material artist who arrives at the rudiments of art through his academic father
very young age, soon distinguishing himself for an innate color palette that he possesses
internal and completely different from the parental one.

Over the years, a path has emerged for him thick material where in decades of experimentation it succeeds stubbornly and with the delicacy necessary to obtain this result to veil up to 3, 4 chromatic variations
underlying, effectively inventing the “stratigraphic” spatula technique, the ultimate result of one
a technique that is already arduous and very difficult in itself, therefore with few followers.

He was a consultant materials of the National Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid and several international museums have altheir internal representations of him.

One in particular the Mark Rothko World Museum a Daugavilps (Latvia) hosted him in 2008 as a correspondent from Italian art together with others 14 artists representing their countries. In the long years that characterized his
art, he has exhibited in the most important foreign capitals in often institutional exhibitions.

It is registered in the most important national art catalogs (Bio-Iconographic Consultation Archives
of the National Gallery of Modern Art in via Nazionale – Rome and of the Art Gallery
Modern and Contemporary Rome – Viale delle Belle Arti, Busto Art Gallery
Arsizio, MACRO Rome, Triennale di Roma, etc.)

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