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Mauro Albani
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Born in Milan in 1959, at the age of thirty he clearly felt an impulsive inspiration: “The Scream” was his first important painting.

His first works touch on a poorly defined figurative genre. The portraits seem unfinished, the line is strong and dramatic, the brushstroke rich, the colors dark and deep. Subsequently, a more personal formation begins which pushes him to an unusual search for being, to discover a soul that reveals itself to the world through the body.

He therefore focuses on studies of the human body which he will never abandon in a panorama permeated by appearance and the logic of the market, he feels he has to carry out a mission, of having to accept a threatening challenge, which brings art back, in this case the painting, at its highest level of sublimation; as a knight of pure artistic and existential ideals he fights in the limbo that binds the supreme to the earthly, which is nothing other than the magical role of the artist.