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Viatcheslav Plotnikov


Oil on Canvas



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Luxury 140x140 38000

Viatcheslav Plotnikov

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Since a young boy, Plotnikov knew which road his professional life would take. He couldn’t of course have foreseen the good fortune he would have, but was however reassured and encouraged by his teachers of the art school: they recognised in him a great pictorial energy and sensed his talent.

Plotnikov was sustained by an intense desire to know and by an unshakeable will to perfect his work: he knew how important it was to master every technique and every style, because from this knowledge he would have been able to germinate a new art.

The neoclassicism would have represented the foundations of a new structure. The dedication and great passion he put into his studies slowly guaranteed the acquisition of a fascinating new knowledge: his character was strengthened internalising the example of the great painters of the past.

During the years of study at the Surikov Institute of Art, Plotnikov had the fortune of measuring his ability through reproducing the canvases of the great masters on show in the Russian Museum of S. Petersburg and the Hermitage. Line and colour of the past converged in his mind, announcing the exploration of unknown territory. He echoes therefore the incisive brushstrokes of Strozzi and the intensity of Dutch painting.

We cannot limit ourselves to appreciating the canvases of milestones of the past to understand the evolution of an artist: but we can nevertheless through his work feel how design and colour are reincarnated in our times and immortalised. Art exists throughout time and remains intact, as if it were the effect of a divine revelation.In Plotnikov an absolute syncretism is in action.

Viatcheslav Plotnikov lives and works in Monte-Carlo since 2000.