Fierezza femminile

Angioletta De Nitto


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 80 cm

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Angioletta De Nitto

After his scientific studies he graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce.
Since 1987 she has collaborated with the Superintendence of Archaeological and Artistic Heritage of Taranto as a restorer and since 1995 she decides to devote herself exclusively to artistic research.
In 1996 he was among the finalists of the Mondadori Art Prize.
Since 1996 she has been actively involved in national and international artistic life with personal exhibitions and participations in collaboration with prestigious art galleries.

His artistic research initially moves in the strictly figurative field, with hyper-realistic connotations and then progressively evolves into an abstract and symbolic production.

In the UNO DI NOI series the marbles represent the portrait of single men, thus becoming the metaphor of an ontological microcosm, endowed with a proper name and a singular temperament, with a unique and unrepeatable humoral integument.

In the VICENDE series, an abstract-spatial variation of the previous theme, even the threads become protagonists that connect and tie the marbles, representing moments, periods, purposes of human life.

In the COSMIC MEDUSAS series (souls-energies in space) it is the jellyfish that are understood as a symbolic transposition in the spatial field of light-color / soul-energy fragments, intent on overcoming the limits of three-dimensionality and continuing to be.

The FEMINA VIRTUS series was born from the desire to represent being a woman with her merits-virtues, vices-defects and with her extraordinary ability to put on make-up and wear masks, in order to hide her own inner truth.

The installations belong to the MASKS series. Every day we can wear one or different ones according to the situation we live in: at work, with friends, with family ... sometimes, even in front of a mirror so as not to see who we really are.
Today more than ever, masks help us to adapt, to live; of course, it is that we should learn to wear them less and less and begin, first of all, to accept ourselves for who we are and not for what others would like us to be

Dimensions 80 × 80 cm

Oil on Canvas