Adriana Bevacqua


Tecnique: Oil on Canvas
Lenght: 80 cm
Height: 40 cm

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Adriana Bevacqua

Adriana Bevacqua was born in Genoa, the city in which she worked and lived for several years, which she loved and often depicted in her paintings in a continuous rediscovery of the usual places, capturing in them the evocative poetry of reality.
Since 1980 he has undertaken the exhibition activity, participating in collective exhibitions, competitions and international awards of painting, engraving, illustration, graphics, and with attendance at Arte Fiera Bologna - MiArt Milano, Arte Padova, Arte Pordenone, Arte Vicenza, Arte Cremona, Genoa art.
He has created large wall paintings and has set up numerous solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad, with wide acclaim from critics and the public.
His works are in Mantua in the Palazzo Ducale, in Revere, in the Young Museum and in Monte Carlo, at the Gildo Pastor Center.
She was a teacher of Visual Arts, Painting Disciplines and Engraving Techniques at the Klee - Barabino Art School, carrying out numerous important artistic interventions throughout the city with the pupils of her classes.
He collaborated for some years with the Municipality of Genoa and the Pré Molo Maddalena District Council, taking care of the organization of exhibitions and cultural events in the historic center and participating in some television broadcasts focused on various Ligurian artistic themes.
He currently resides in Bogliasco, where he continues his pictorial activity and that of teaching at Unitre - University of the Three Ages - both in the Drawing Course in Sori and in that of Painting and Artistic Techniques in Bogliasco.

Dimensions 80 × 40 cm

Oil on Canvas