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Alessandro Noci


Acrylic on canvas



Nascita di una farfalla

Acrylic on canvas



Direzione di pensiero

Acrylic on canvas



Same stuff on onther planet

Acrylic on canvas



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Alessandro Noci

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Alessandro Noci, born in Brescia (Italy) in 1990, has cultivated his passion for art and beauty since his childhood, influenced by the unique context in which he grew up.

His parents, entrepreneurs in the women’s clothing industry, played a significant role in shaping his aesthetic sensibility.
From an early age, his parents’ home and atelier were his creative space, a world of creativity and style that
unconsciously contributed to stimulating his passion for aesthetics and beauty.

His parents were very busy at work, so Alessandro spent a lot of time playing and experimenting in that stimulating environment.

In 2015, during a gloomy day, Alessandro discovered painting. As he painted, he experienced the
transformation not only of a white canvas, but also of the modest tone of that gray day. Each brushstroke
brought color and creativity to life, giving the day a new perspective.
Since that moment, he has dedicated time and study to the development of his emotional abstract style,
combining his passion for art with his ability to convey emotions through painting.

His creations are characterized by the creativity and energy that Alessandro pours into them, a reflection of
the emotions experienced in the moment of creation.

The observer is invited to play with his imagination, exploring unconscious aspects of his experience and giving life to images that resonate with him personally.