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Alexander Ozerski

In bianco e nero

Acrylic on canvas



About the artist


Alexander Ozerski

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Alexander Ozerski was born in Sverdlovsk, Russia in 1982. Son of a musician and grandson of a great gymnast, he left his country in 1990 to move to Italy.

Currently, he lives in Parma, in the historic center, where he produces his works and teaches artistic disciplines. He attended the State Art Institute “P. Toschi” in Parma, where he developed his creativity, achieving notable results in the fields of painting, decoration and sculpture. Actively supported by prof. Mauro Marchini participates in various group exhibitions with him.

Alexandr arrives at his own style of innovation where he brings out different artistic, cultural and social influences; a decidedly particular painting, but which attracts with great curiosity both the public of collectors and art lovers in general, over the years it has participated in national and international competitions and exhibitions.