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Anna Maria Di Gregorio


Mixed media on panel



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Anna Maria Di Gregorio

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My name is Di Gregorio Anna Maria, I was born in Rome on 10/29/1959 where I still live.

I have always worked in the aesthetics and tattoo sector and for a few years I have returned to dedicating myself full time to my great passion, painting I love exploring and experimenting with new techniques, interesting textures to paint on, and I love using waste materials to create the basis of my works.

I love creating both abstract and figurative works with the same passion, just as I love to paint both on canvas and on wood. I use acrylic colors and mixed techniques, breaking boundaries and experimenting.

I don’t always have a precise idea when I start a painting, sometimes the project is in my mind and I feel the need to carry it out, other times it comes from nothing because the colors tell me and then I just have to listen.