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Antonella Di Renzo

Antonella Di Renzo, painter and poetess, was born and works in Vibo Valentia.

Self-taught artist, she chooses to devote himself to art by painting and experimenting with various painting techniques. She followed her humanities studies, graduating in Educational Sciences in 1975.

In 2006 he obtained the master of  Wellness Operator (Naturopathy), in 2009 the International Diploma of Counselor with an existential theological address, in 2008 the master of Oriental Philosophy called REIKI and the “THETA-HEALING DNA 2 Advanced Certificate of Completion”.

Her canon of figuration belongs to that current that goes from 1954 to today: “Relief informal abstract contemporary art”, not necessarily in the obsessive search for transgression, but which must respond to an aesthetic criterion that conquers and fascinates, revealing a precise meaning .

This is how the art critic Luigi Tallarico, President of the “International Center of Futurism Today” (Rome) describes it: “With its informal dynamism enhanced by the unrelated gesture in the action, it does not disperse the plastic thickness of the chromatic material”, and again, ” The gestural motion employed by the artist, while making use of the American action painting technique, on the contrary, is achieved with a control aimed at a conscious and harmonious image “.

The artist has always had an innate passion for color and matter and, since 2006 encouraged by friends and by the art master Giuseppe Farina who chooses some of his works for the Monterosso Calabro (VV) art biennial, after a ‘exhausting research, she decides to devote herself to painting using increasingly accurate techniques and materials.

Many of his personal painting exhibitions around Italy and abroad, he has participated in exhibitions and competitions of painting and poetry, obtaining valuable acknowledgments and critical acclaim even from the specialized press.

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