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My name is Barbara or Blu and this is my first page on the web with some of my photographic works, pictorial works and artistic installations My approach to photography began as a child by looking at the photographs of great photojournalists who traveled around the world, as I grew up it moved into fashion and I had the opportunity to work with great photographers for the presentation of my fashion collections, in my little free time. I played with my Nikon F50 and painting but since the birth of my daughter the game turned into a profession and the magic of these arts still accompanies me today. Digital allowed me to overcome my limitations in printing by not having a darkroom and stimulated my desire to experiment and reinvent new shades and share my feelings on this wonderful and intense journey on the planet Gaia.

I am an artist and not a biographer and I will not bore you with further academic and professional justifications. My journey has been a dream through important collaborations in the world of fashion but above all by creating my own collection from 1993 to 2000, I bring my scenographic gift to cinema , in resorts at events or simply in organizing a dinner with friends taking advantage of my artistic multidisciplinary skills. I love playing with elements that nature makes available or reusing what man lets go but which can have new life being made of paper wood fabric . I love photography and capturing or redesigning what my soul feels thanks to this man-made tool which now goes digital, not having a darkroom, allows me to play even more like a child.