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Bernardo Bandinelli

Gli acrobati di Kiev

Oil on Canvas



About the artist

385 B. Bandinelli - Due acrobati

Bernardo Bandinelli

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Bernardo Bandinelli (aka “Bernie”) was born in Florence in 1972.
He is an electric engineer and has been drawing for a lifetime.
He has also been painting oil for about ten years.
His favoured subjects are human figures, views, animals, still lives.
He took part in many group and personal exhibitions.
He painted a shop shutter in Florence, via de’ Neri 54r, close to Uffizi museum.
Moreover, he was selected in 2021, 2023 and 2024 to paint a concrete tile in
the “Art path”, that is a sequence of tiles in a wood of sculpture park “Land Art
Furlo”, close to Urbino, which are included in Pesaro 2024 (Italian culture
capital) programme, in the Marche region.
His art website is, which shows all drawings,
exhibitions, competitions, sketches.