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Carmelo Cacciola


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Carmelo Cacciola

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Born in 1954 in Messina, he lives and works in his hometown where he exhibited his works for the first time in 1987.

A self-taught painter, he does not follow a course of artistic studies, however, thanks to constant personal research and the in-depth study of immortal pictorial masterpieces of the masters of the past, he develops a personal technique that makes his paintings unique and original.

His paintings that are born in observance of the Pantheist concept; philosophy and doctrine that see the universe contained within the “context” of God, develop through “dead” natures, objects and things which, pervaded by divine Essence, magically come to life giving rise to a vision which, beyond the simple “seeing ” with the eyes, emotionally also involves thought.

His creative concept is not representation but the communication through symbols of a vital and psychic inner vision.