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Cristiano Scano


Resina plexiglas fluorescente illuminazione



Colorful nature

Resina & acrylic on plexiglass



Color and forms of life

Resina & acrylic on plexiglass



La sacra muerte

Resina & acrylic on plexiglass



Mareggiata di forme

Resina & acrylic on plexiglass



Bright idea

Resina & acrylic on plexiglass



Ideas foro colors

Resina & acrylic on plexiglass



About the artist

titolo ideas for colors 100x95 6800

Cristiano Scano

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In the heart of the Sardinian hinterland, in a small agro-pastoral community called Villamar, Cristiano Scano was born on 13 July 1964, destined to become a beacon of creativity and innovation in the world of contemporary art.

His story is not just that of an artist, but of a man who, against all odds, transformed life’s challenges into a living work of art. Cristiano, who grew up in a large family, faced the harsh reality of his parents’ separation at just eight years old.

His childhood, marked by economic difficulties, saw him move to a boarding school, where a simple sheet of paper and a pencil become his first traveling companions in a world where reality merges with imagination.

Here, among the faces of poets such as Manzoni and Carducci, his passion for drawing was born, a talent that also shines in friendly challenges with a schoolmate. Cristiano’s desire to follow an artistic path after eighth grade clashes with family difficulties, forcing him to put his dreams aside.

But art, like a river that always finds its course, continues to flow in his life. Having moved to Carmagnola, near Turin, the young Scano found refuge in drawing, portraying well-known and beloved faces, an activity that accompanies him even after his military service and during his first years of work.

In ’84 he met the young Piera Tedesco, whom he married in ’89. A special person, endowed with an innate aesthetic sense and a profound sensitivity for beauty, his skill as a florist is not limited to mere floral composition, but rises to a true art, with which Cristiano establishes a continuous comparison, influencing the creations of the latter.

The birth of his son in 1991 marks a turning point: Cristiano returns to painting, exploring new artistic horizons between still life and abstract art. But it is in 2023 that his art undergoes an extraordinary metamorphosis. In a period of creative solitude, Cristiano immerses himself in a bold and innovative project: the fusion of drawings and colored pigments in acrylic with resin, on unconventional surfaces such as polycarbonate.

His resin on polycarbonate creations are a triumph of color, light and texture, capturing the very essence of artistic innovation. Each work is a dialogue between the tradition of design and the modernity of materials, a bridge between the past and the future of art.