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Daniela Ciuperca

C’è speranza

Acrylic on canvas



About the artist

Noi, isole nel mondo

Daniela Ciuperca

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Daniela Ciuperca, aka Dana, a newborn artist, her pictorial activity, although it began recently, is already seeing its flourishing.

A nurse by profession, after several changes in her life she felt the need to express herself on a pictorial level. Self-taught, she experiments with acrylic casting which gives the painter the possibility of creating different subjects, which have a particular transparency.

Her inspiration comes from his life, his paintings put his feelings and fragilities on canvas. She is currently dedicating himself to a series of four paintings that reflect precisely this introspective world of his.

She participated in the Biennale Artbox Expo, Venice 2.0 with the painting “Antares”, subsequently at the Thuillier gallery in Paris with the project Let’s paint the painting entitled “We, Butterflies in the Universe”, and in March he will present a new painting entitled “The Hope”.

Starting from 2024, she is member of: ARTBOX.PROJECT Basel 3.0

Elected to the Biennial of Creativity in Ferrara from 16 to 20 November. Furthermore, they are in the final of the “Giuliano Nozzoli” competition with the exhibition at the Torre di San Vincenzo in San Vincenzo from 15 to 30 June.