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Danilo Perelli
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Danilo Perelli, a painter with a deep feeling, overwhelms the observer with his works which, without lying, tell of an inner journey, an infinite journey, which was born from and has Love as its destination.
Abstraction becomes the vehicle for expressing lived experiences, a bridge between the unconscious and reality. Danilo’s works are an invitation to immerse yourself in the unknown, to let yourself be carried away by the shapes and colors that merge, to let Art awaken dormant emotions, while the inner Universe boils and transforms.

In his symbolic work, Permanent Center of Gravity, the abstract canvas echoes a vital cell, with layers that overlap like the trunks of ancient trees, while in the center a light that gradually expands from its nucleus becomes a reminder of the pulsating energy, movement and vitality. Everything moves, as if the scene were taking place inside an eternally fermenting volcano. As the English poet William Wordsworth said: art is the mediator that nature needs, to recompose man within itself, so in Danilo’s works an inner journey unfolds that is intertwined with Love, in a an unexplored journey that winds through colors and shapes, revealing a profound authenticity, a rediscovery of oneself and the essence of being. Gaston Bachelard said that the life of Man is made up of many small lives and one big life and his art transmits this through the essence made of colors and poetry, emotions and feelings.
A total immersion in oneself in search of the meaning of Love, finding the answers in childhood dreams, embracing them and making them become adults.
Through his works related to Abstractionism he wants to convey, through colours, spatula cuts, lines, circles, shades and intensity of tones, all the emotions experienced during this journey which starts from the meeting with a woman with whom he falls madly in love at first sight. gaze, and that through her he discovers what it means to become a man, to be faithful to the only thing that matters to him. She, through whom he discovers love for himself and the colors within him, finds the strength not to give up, to resist adversity. But above all she learns that dreams must be pursued with courage, tenacity and patience.

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