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Davide De Pieri

Focus 2

Tecnica mista su cartapesta, carta,acrilico,foglia d'oro,smalto,cera,bitume.



Layers 2

Cartapesta,foglia d'oro, acrilico su tela



Layers 7

Tecnica mista su cartapesta, cartapesta, acrilico, cera, bitume



One way,One time

Carta, acrilico, foglia d'oro, cera, bitume




Tecnica mista su cartapesta Carta,acrilico,foglia d'oro, cera, bitume




Tecnica mista su cartapesta - Carta,acrilico,foglia d'oro,bitume,cera




Smalto, acrilico, cera, bitume su cartapesta




Mixed media on canvas, paper mache, acrylic, enamel, bitumen, wax




Mixed media on canvas, papier-mâché, acrylic, gold leaf, wax, bitumen



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Davide De Pieri

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De Pieri Davide was born in 1990. Since he was a boy, creative talents and valid manual skills have been highlighted in him. In 2012 Davide began to work for his painter and artisan uncles at “la bottega dei maschareri”, starting to learn as much as possible about the painting and on the artisanal work of paper mache, a profession which in the following years proved fundamental for the development of the creative technique of his current works closely linked with his artisanal skills.
Since 2010 De Pieri has had a propensity for drawing and oil painting. After the first years of being self-taught, at the same time as the beginning of De Pieri’s career he acquired more awareness and decision. Between 2014 and 19 he took part in various collective exhibitions in Venice ranging from the first oil works which were often very dense and material worked with a spatula, to the following years where he preferred more graphic and geometric works using acrylic, in these years he collaborated with galleries and exhibition spaces in the historic center of Venice such as (Visionaltre), (Artespazio Tempo) and (spazioSV san vidal exhibition center)
in 2022 he began to develop his personal expressive form by taking advantage of the now ten-year experience in craftsmanship added to the qualities of a painter, his technique is based on the use of papier-mâché as a support, base, and texture of his works, creating his works entirely in paper or by covering canvases with papier-mâché, developing completely abstract paintings, very decorative materials, of an originality and depth that are instantly recognisable, identifiable, and above all very personal, defined by the experiences and path of the artist.
These latest works were exhibited in November 2023 in a small exhibition space of

Toluca lake (Los angeles) and in December of the same year de Pieri took part in a collective exhibition in the historic center of Venice, both situations ended with excellent feedback from the public and critics.