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Elsa Ventura Migliorini

Barche a Portofino

Oil on Canvas



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Elsa Ventura Migliorini

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I was born in Genoa in 1946 and although I have loved drawing since I was a child, life has me headed for other roads…..

I attended scientific high school, I worked in a Genoese studio like advertising graphics collaborating with maestro Carlo Bracci for many years, for then dedicate myself to being a full-time mother until my children are grown adults. This was the right time to grab canvases and brushes and dive into painting that I loved so much!

My secret dream”. I started as a self-taught in 2004, but I have never stopped studying and improving myself by following him on the web teachings of world-famous artists who stimulated my research towards realism and hyperrealism.

My paintings are identified by their meticulousness details reported on the canvas and from a careful observation of reality, working on the study of color, shapes, the three-dimensionality of subject by enhancing the lights over the shadows.

My only regret is that I wasn’t able to satisfy this strong point of mine sooner desire to paint that was latent in me.