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Fabio Di Rosa


Acrylic on canvas



Mandorlo in fiore

Acrylic on canvas



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Fabio Di Rosa

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I was an orthopedic surgeon at the University Clinic of Brescia for 25 years.

Then a short career in affiliated clinics and finally retirement. To support my studies I did puppet shows in schools, some of my puppets are exhibited at the puppet museum of Philaderfia and Lyon.

I was already painting in elementary school, when I won some drawing competitions. During my adolescence I made abstract compositions, always with ink only.

I faced color for the first time at the age of 50, during the convalescence period following plastic surgery on the cruciate ligament of the knee. I began by “remaking” masterpieces of well-known and lesser-known painters, taking inspiration from the originals which I then modified in terms of color.