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Felice & Senait “Private collection”


Wood. Extensively decorated, representing the strong bond between mother and child 18° - 19° century – Democratic Republic of Congo – Lulua Tribe




Wood. Iconic buddha statue seated on five elephants 700/800 years (est.)- Ayutthaya period Thailand, Sukhothai Kingdom



Baga Nimba head mask

Wood. Large headdress mask of the Simo tribe with polycrome decoration 19° century Guinea – Baga Tribe Collected 1971



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Felice & Senait “Private collection”

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The items below display ten exceptional works of native art from six African countries, in some cases unique works of art;

Congo: four items from the Lulua, Luluwa, and Nimbo tribes, Guinea: two items from Baga tribes, Mali: one item from the Dogon tribe, Togo: one item from the Ewe tribe, Ivory Coast: one item from the Senufo tribe, Gabon: one item from the Punu tribe.

The items represent a very small selection of my italian husband Felice Maffei’s art collection. He has built his collection of more than 1,000 items over more than 50 years of work engagements in remote areas of developing countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The collection process has been very much ‘hands on’ by trading with local artisans from rural tribes, on local markets etc.

I am Senait Carugati, originally from Eritrea with a working background from United Nations and several countries around the world mostly in Africa and Asia. My husband and I are now making a small selection of items from his collection available for sale. Please enjoy the beautiful craftsmanship of the art.

We will be more than happy, if the path of these cultures and historical objects continues and they find passionate and new owners.


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