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2022 Come un pesce fuor d'acqua 50x60
Flavia Piccolo

Native of Gallipoli, Flavia Piccolo grew up and trained in the Genoese area. Experiment with different techniques: from pencil drawing, to watercolors and acrylics. Shee currently resides in Rome, has exhibited abroad (Paris, Budapest, New York, etc.) and exhibits regularly in Rome and Liguria.

A painter with a refined technique, she reinterprets reality through a surgical mastery of the graphic line.

The richness of his cultural background is evident from the choice of genres and models, categorically diverging from the abstract-expressionist tendencies of contemporaneity, he recovers painting in its intrinsic essentiality, offering wonderful stories with a photographic slant, the compositional configuration sometimes veers towards a hyper-realistic matrix.

The pictorial line she defined is able to assist the semantic richness of the storyteller with the rendering of the plausible typical of the academic painter, translating her vision of reality onto canvas, filtered through her rich cultural background which is not limited exclusively to history of art.

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