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Francesca Cervelli

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Francesca Cervelli was born in Rome where she resides and works. She studied at the European Institute of Design graduating after three years as an illustrator.

She immediately started working as a freelancer for well-known publishing houses, newspapers and various companies, her work ranging from airbrush, watercolours and tempera.

In addition to her activity as an illustrator, over the years she has also worked for some important publishing houses and advertising agencies as a graphic artist.

At present her works can be seen in some exhibitions, both personal and collective, at Castel Sonnino, Galleria Vittoria, Palazzo Genovese, Biblioteca Angelica, Castello Orsini, Galleria Ess&rre, Mega art and others.

She likes to range between hyperrealism and the abstract and fantasise by drawing fairy tales always searching for new stimuli.

Fascinated by colour and its full-bodiedness, these last few years she has begun to use oil paints, creating works ranging from the figurative to the abstract, using the paintbrush to define thousands of details and the spatula to create effects rich in full-bodiedness and colour and trainato convey many themes to those who look at his works corrente and important.