Francesco Mercadante

At the age of nine, together with a sparkling blue bicycle, I receive a Kodak Instamatic as a gift from my father: right from the start I, my blue bicycle and my Kodak become inseparable friends, accomplices in solitary escapes to immortalize glimpses of nature and country.
In 1988 I moved to a new city, Reggio Emilia, which I immediately welcomed, and I immediately began to appreciate its beauty and its potential. In the following years my passion for photography has given way to experimenting with more “classic” arts such as painting and painting.
Only around 2013, thanks to the purchase of a new camera, did the strong desire to portray what I feel in my deepest being reborn in me. So, over the years, I buy more and more practice, more and more experience, more and more passion. Through social media my photography is appreciated and recognized, so much so as to start an incredible collaboration with various exhibitions, museums, important authors and famous magazines.
Specifically in the photographic technique used, my basic idea is often aimed at “futurism”: the concrete intent is to free photography from its stillness by providing a dynamic representation of reality. In nature, nothing stands still, everything moves and true beauty lies in grasping the dynamism of things.
As an artist I have the task of freeing the photo from its immobility to give it, through movement, new meanings. My attention no longer focuses on bodies and elements that are still, fixed, empty, but shifts to their becoming in time and space to follow the dynamics of a gesture, giving the shot a perception of fluidity and vitality.
Through this type of photography, which I define in motion, I set myself the task of leaving the memory of the essence just photographed.